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Chartered Status

Harborough Portas was awarded the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker designation by the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2014. Chartered insurance broker status is an exclusive and valuable merit, demonstrating a commitment to delivering the highest professional level of knowledge, advice and ethical practice.

For insurance brokers, this is the gold standard and the benchmark of professional excellence and integrity.

When you use a broker with Chartered status you are dealing with proven professionals. The CII is empowered by the Privy Council to award Chartered status only in deserving cases. It confirms that we have satisfied rigorous qualification criteria by retaining highly-qualified staff who subscribe to the membership conditions of the CII.

It also involves a commitment to continuing professional development and adherence to an industry standard Code of Ethics. You can view the Code here.

Only the UK’s premier insurance broking firms qualify for Chartered status. If you wish to know more about how using a Chartered firm can ensure you get the best possible advice, service, and support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should you use a Chartered Insurance Broker?

  • We have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice as laid down by The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
  • You can be confident you are dealing with one of UK’s leading firms that are wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support
  • We ensure our staff acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver highest quality advice.
  • We are committed to the technical and professional development of staff, such as through professional qualifications. The majority of our executives hold a Chartered title in their own right.
  • All staff members who deal with customers belong to the industry's professional body, the CII, and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Conduct, which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions.
  • We work in an ethical manner, placing client’s interests first.
  • We have core values and business practices that align with the CII code of ethics
  • We adhere to the CII’s continuing professional development requirements; ensuring staff keep skills set up to date.
  • All insurance staff at Harborough Portas are members of CII
  • With fewer than 150 brokers UK wide obtaining chartered status we are in a position to provide our clients with a unique and professional service offering, differentiating us from other brokers in the market.
The Chartered titles awarded by the CII are steeped in history, but they remain today’s “gold standard” of excellence and integrity. — CII